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Thinking about taking a great exotic, vacation? Then come stay at BlackBeards Adult Resort in the Dominican Republic. Hear what others who chose BlackBeards had to say. (Comments are edited for content and brevity)

Just wanted to say thanks for the fabulous time  my buddy and I had at the resort. This was our first trip there but now it is one of places we have to go at least once a year. Everybody treated us as if we lived in the place for years. The management staff was very professional but also very friendly. The serving staff were a hoot.They even gave me a nickname----"El Diablo". By the way, tell Monica that "Chicky" is coming back to marry her.LOL Finally, the chicas made a guy like me feel on top of the world.

This was supposed to have been an exploratory trip but it turned out to be one of the best vacations of my life. Anybody reading this testamonial would be foolish not to check out "Barba Negra". Thanks again for everything!

Quick note to let you know that I had a great, if too brief, stay with the BlackBeard familia last week. BlackBeards was just what I needed! I was looking for a no pressure short vacation with beach, pool, jacuzzi, friendly people, good food and pretty ladies. Boy, did I hit the jackpot!

I was made to feel welcome by absolutely everyone, and everyone on the staff form the cleaning ladies to the wait staff, Charo and the chicas were so wonderful, charming, cheerful. I met some great guests too and everyone had a blast. I had my quiet time with a great book and plenty of options to have a memorable stay as well. Please let everyone at BlackBeards know how much they are appreciated!  The only downer was that I had to leave. Am already planning my return visit and will definetly stay longer.

Just a short word of appreciation to all of you, my vacation was indeed one to be remembered. The quality of the resort, as well as the efficient services provided combined with the guaranteed pleasures and distraction, make of BlackBeard's resort a unique establishment. My stay provided me with all the relaxation I was looking for, and more ...

A friend went to your resort, and told me about it, and I immediately signed up for the newsletter. I haven't been able to afford the trip down yet, but I live vicariously through your newsletter every month. I read every word. Thanks for doing such a great job with it. I can' t wait until I've saved enough pennies to actually come visit you. It's going to be great!!!!

After reading quite a bit about others experiences at Barba Negra I was curious to experience your retreat for myself. The result was most enjoyable. The grounds are beautiful, the food most satisfactory, the women delightful and the service adequate. I witnessed a strong effort to fine tune the gem you have created. I sense a future masterpiece and am already planning my return. I understand the difficulty of managing of two cultures meeting and must say you do a fine job of creating a relaxed and titilating atmosphere at the same time.

I'm impressed with the way you are running Barba Negra. Good food, atmospher, chicas, friendly service ... all at a reasonable prices. Truly, one of the best travel experiences of my life and I see you working to improve the place. I can't wait to come back.

Wow!!! I would like to say a very big thank you to the entire balckbeard staff, every one of you are absolutely incredible.

To the chicas, thanks for such a wonderful experience, oh my God. Fellows leave your softer side at home, cause you will fall in love. My first time, but absolutely not my last. Men, if you've never experienced this type of atmosphere or never visited this type of destination, make sure this is the first one you attend.

This isn't my first day at school, but it was my first trip to Blackbeards. I have previously attended another school, but it looks as if I will be transfering, possibly in about one month.

Thanks to everyone again.

I just want to say thanks for a great time at your place and Ii will be back as soon as possible. You guys run a great place and I was very impressed by the professionalism of the whole staff and the girls. Say hello to all the girls for me.

Thanks again for a great time and I hope to see all of you soon.

I want to thank you all for showing myself and my friend such a good time but I will not be able to come back until next year. That is what my wife said, but my friend may come back before me because he fell in love with the girls.

I told all my friends how we had such a good time and they are now in the process of convincing their wives if they can go out like I did, but I plan to be a good boy again this year so I can return.

I just got back to New York yesterday and wanted to thank you all for the greatest vacation that I have ever had. You guys are doing a great job with the hotel. The food is great, the women are beautiful, and the rooms are clean, comfortable and always kept spotless by the maids.

Thank You Again!

I want to thank you and all your staff for the wonderful holiday I spent with you last week. It surpassed all my expectations which were high in the first place. Your management is excellent, food is great value for money, service very slick, very friendly, efficient, and as good as the best anywhere I have been during thirty years travelling.

I will recommend Blackbeards unreservedly to all my friends.

Finally, thanks for helping me out with the airport when I was let down by the taxi people. You didn’t need to do that, but your unsolicited offer was again something unexpected and a courtesy I very much appreciate.

I’ll be back!!

I was a guest at Blackbeards earlier this month 1/04/05 - 1/06/05. I made reservations for 10 days. However, I only stayed at Blackbeard's for 3 days.

I allowed myself to be talked out of a longer stay by a gentleman who hung out at your bar. He said that Sosua was a better environment and that Blackbeards manipulated guests into unfair decisions. I now realize that this person was wrong and I regret my decision to leave Blackbeard's.

This was my first trip to the Dominican Republic and I was unable to compare Blackbeards to other venues in the DR. I now realize that your chicas are of a much higher caliber and that you have an honest and professional operation.

I wanted to send you a big shout out from Boston. Iwas there for my last trip with the fellas as a single man. You should remember us. There were 22 of us that arrived to your heavenly place. I can't begin to describe of much fun we all had there. The ladies were incredible the food was incredible and that suite I was in was incredible.

My brother and i enjoyed our stay there so much that we are planning another visit in September. I won't even consider staying elsewhere. Your staff and service is the greatest!

Just a word of appreciation for my excellent stay 16-23 May. Particular thanks to Ian and David for help and advice. Beautiful memories of all the girls, particularly Wendy, Noami, Luchy, Andy, Jennifer. Best wishes to them. Don't change anything! Keep the place efficient and safe, and don't ease up on the rules!

Will definitely come back this year.

Having been to Blackbeard's one time, there is no way that I could wait till the end of April to return, so I will be back there in early March and again (provisionally) in early April. The quotation from the Eagles song, which I appended, about how you can check out, but never leave is so true. My interpretation is that you can leave physically, but mentally the place will never leave you, which is a pretty good definition of addiction.

Cancel your trip before it is too late, otherwise you too may become addicted.

The food was awesome and the accommodations impeccable and the eye candy superb, I could not imagine a better holiday even if I could of wished one. The only down side is that I am sitting here depressed being here (home -8C and snow) knowing what's going on there. Needless to say I will be making a return trip as soon as my job will permit (end of July beginning of August) Once again thanks for a memorable experience in what I am sure is going to be my favorite
getaway destination.

I have to thank you for a wonderful time at your resort. I was in Puerto Plata for a week and decided to stop by with my wife for a little fun and met Jennifer. She fulfilled our wildest fantasies and we left there totally satisfied. She was great and very cool about the situation. She showed my wife such a great time. It was my wife’s first time with a woman and she totally enjoyed it.

The atmosphere of the resort was cool and very pleasant. Next time I am in Puerto Plata I will most definitely stop by again. Please tell Jennifer that she was great and very very y and hot. We are a fun loving couple from NYC and have a very active lifestyle and love to live life and have fun. Thank you for a great time.

I just returned last night from a 7-night stay at Blackbeard's in Costambar: It was the best trip of my life (and I have travelled around the world pretty extensively, including 5 trips to DR).

It would take me several pages to describe my adventures in this paradise but, to be extremely brief, the pool is great, the Jacuzzi/waterfall is big enough for about 20 people (and squeaky-clean), the beach is breathtaking and often deserted, the selectionof beautiful, friendly chicas wandering in/hanging around isincredible. The food (especially breakfast) is excellent, the service is unsurpassed (I was made to feel like I was staying with dear oldfriends), and my room and mini-bar was kept spotless and stocked forme (no mean feat...considering the craziness that went on there!).The whole experience was a bit more laid back than the hustle and bustle of the Sosua scene, which, of course, is easily accessible ifone so desires.

You can choose from a wide variety of delectable chicas 'on-site'. I was astonished to find, after a solid week of non-stop partying in deluxe accommodations, that the bill for my entire stay (including my bar and meal tabs for my chicas) was actually less than my plane fare!

Even though the website is a completely accurate description of the place/accommodations/service, etc., it still fell short of describing the incredible 'blast' to be had there: I've alreadybooked my next stay, and I'm now lamentably back in the 'real world', counting down the days until my return to paradise...

BLACKBEARDS, BLACKBEARDS, BLACKBEARDS..............If you are wondering where you should go for an outrageous vacation...once again BLACKBEARDS!!!!!

We showed up to BlackBeards in the early afternoon about 2:30pm, checked in our bags and were handed two Presidentes on the house. The hotel itself is like a small getaway. You really don’t have to leave the hotel for any reason. The hotel and the rooms are very clean and well maintained, the restaurant is nice and the food is really good (better than most on the streets), there is an excellent pool and Jacuzzi which have chicas by it at all times.

Every person that works at BlackBeards has something special about them from the luggage guy to the cleaning lady's. The bartenders are really special they are nice, courteous and also really pretty (some of the hottest bartenders I’ve seen in DR). The management did almost anything we wanted for us to have the time of our lives.

I just returned from 5 great nights at BlackBeards Resort in Costambar and wanted to report on the great time that I had!

I heard of BlackBeards on the misc. boards and I had never been there with any of the previous owners. The one thing that I would like to address first off is all the flaming that starts whenever this place is mentioned and it all obviously comes from guys who love the Palace. First off, I also love the palace!! I seldom post to these boards but my last one was a great review of the Palace. There is room enough for both of these places and IMHO these 2 places are very different and it will be up to each individual to choose where they want to go! And there are also many other options out there, but keep one thing in mind. Not all hotels are girl friendly! I was kicked out of a hotel in Boca Chica in Feb. (Long Story) because the asshole owners didn't approve of how I was swimming in his pool with my woman! Choose carefully boys!

I will start out with and probably refer back to what everyone wants to know, girls! Yes there are girls available at BB's. When I arrived there were a few hanging out at the pool and there were always some coming and going. They are not actually employed there (as far as I know), and I would say that the amount and quality are related to the amount of gringos in the hotel. I was there during a slow week and I'm sure that if it was busier there would have been more. Quality was in the 5-9 range (normal in the DR), one neat thing that they have is a database of chicas that you can checkout and they will contact them. These girls are independents and looking for dates. This you must negotiate and again is normal in the DR. I know that there are a lot of newbys who are reading this, so there is one thing that I want to mention and will refer back to later. If it is your first time in the DR you will be looking for help! I still remember my first trips (A long time ago) and although I was excited as hell, I also felt like a deer in the headlights! So one advantage you will have here is the staff .

The hotel is located approx. 5 minutes out of Puerto Plata. That means 5 minutes to El Bohen, 5 minutes to Scape, 7 minutes to Mountainview and about 10 minutes to Long Beach/Crystals.

The owner of Blackbeards is John. This guy is a worker! He's a great guy and although he is constantly running he always finds time to sit down and have a beer with ya. He is really putting a lot of work into this place and it shows! If you have any problem or question, he will make sure it's taken care of! These guys are packed with info and will help you with anything you need.

Now one of the main reason that I chose BB's was the style of hotel that I like. I want to have my own pool, jacuzzi, fridge, rest. and bar. I have spent too many nights in $5.00 hotels in Thailand (anyone remember honey house in pattya?) and I don't want to, nor do I have to do that anymore! But as many of you know having all these amenities don't mean a thing in the third world if you don't have good service! There's nothing worse than ordering your coffee and having some blanked face slob shuffling around in there flip flops why you nurse your hangover. Well you won't get that here. The bar/kitchen staff is almost all Dominican and I miss them all! Great service and always with a smile. Most of the girls are studying English at night and enjoy practicing with you! I want to add that these are not working girls! Just sweet young things making an honest living!

The rooms are all very clean and serviced daily. I was in bed everyday until at least noon and I never had a problem getting the room cleaned. They have many different available.

I hope that I've covered everything. The picture that I'm posting are strictly of the hotel. We all have our own styles and I don't have a lot of chicas photos or info available. I personally hooked up with a good one my first night (and had no desire to change) and wouldn't post her pics anyways. What a fuckin’ country, I fall in love everytime!

One thing that I would like to add, I love this Country and Hope to move here soon. I have been to the DR 9 times in two years and learn something new every time. For you new guys, just relax, But stay on your guard at all times! The Dominicans are great people but they are very crafty! They know that you have money (they don't!) and they want it. Don't be afraid to negotiate. It's expected and you are respected if you at least try. This is how business is done. Tip when you are given good service, but don't over tip. These people know that you are on vacation and they will try to take advantage of you. If they spot a weakness, they will move in for the kill!

Treat the girls good and it will be returned 10 fold. If it's not, kick them to the curve and get another!

I feel I made some really good friends on this trip and can't wait to return!!

It has been years since I have taken a real vacation my associates insisted on me taking some real time off. Boy! Am I glad I did! I was skeptical about the single vacation experience but I was made to feel right at home. The staff was extremely friendly and the ladies were out of this world, beautiful and thoughtful. I showed my pictures to my colleagues and they all want to come, but I didn't want to share my find.

"That would be selfish and what kind of person would I be if I withheld such a find?" You can expect to be seeing more Boston visitors. Keep up the good work!

Thanks again for a wonderful time!!!

Dear Dave,

Just a quick note thanking you and your staff for such a great and memorial 5 days. Bill and myself had a great time, met some interesting friends and international sophisticated companions, of which we are much grateful and will long remember. We especially enjoyed the personal touch that you extended and the fairness in prices, assistance, travel desires, and comforts. Your staff had us relaxed, a drink in hand, and created an easy relaxed environment with some of the most beautiful and graceful girls that one could only imagine. I'm sure we will make a return visit in the near future. In the meantime, best of luck, please take care of the cats, and keep that "Presidente" beer cold until we return.

Patrick M. Cassell

Aye' Caramba - Thank you David, Charo, and all of your great staff at BlackBeards. That's one of the best vacations I have had in years. I just showed the pictures of my trip to a bunch of friends and now they all want to come down and jump in the jacuzzi. So you will probably see 6-8 of us sometime in August. - The sooner the better. Please say hello to that crazy Pillin (or what ever his name is). And a special thanks to your bartender Juicy Loosy. Again thanks for a great time. Tell all my gorgeous girlfriends that I will be back soon See you soon!

Long Island NY

WOW - My recent trip to BlackBeards was by far the best vacation of my entire life. I wish it never would have ended. I will be back shortly and this time I might not leave. Your hotel has the best accommodations I have ever experienced. Keep up the excellent work! I will be back soon and my friends are driving me nuts to come along this time. Thanks again!

Chicago IL

Just want to thank you for a good week, was well looked after, many thanks for that. The accomodation was spotless and food very good.

Will spread the name to as many of my amigo's as possible. Like i said if you need contacts or web addresses in the UK for further marketing in the future let me know.

Still send my love to all the girls including Odalis and tell her, her bloody email don't work. All being well i will see you in September/October.

All the best/Gracias

Just want to ask a question.....Do they actually have in the Dominican Republic? Ha...Anyhow, this is Johnny . I had a ball over at your place. You'll see me again. Tell Evelyn I said hello as well as the rest of the staff. See ya soon. Peace.......

Johnny P

Listen I had a great time at your establishment, or I would prefer to call it a healing circle. In the ten times I've been to D.R. in the last 5 years this has been the best as of yet. I'll see you in October!

Sheldon (dreadlocks)
Decatur, GA

Cheers John,
I just wanted to tell you that I had a bloody marvelous time. It was woth the 11 hours on the airplane. All the blokes in the pub love the pictures that I took of the hotel and the girls. Next time, I’m bringing a couple of my mates with me. Say hello to Jennifer and Marlene ( my four favourites )………See you September 12th

Pat K
Portsmouth, England

Thank you for the great week. Say hello to Charo, Lucy, Pellin and the rest of the staff. I’ll never forget you guys or the people that I met. I’m coming back in August to spend some time with Guillermo ( He’s really something). Save a room for us. I’ll let you know when exactly.

Maryanne R
Mississauga, Canada




BlackBeards Beach
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At BlackBeards, fantasies become reality.
One visit and you will be “Hooked.”

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Reservations: 1-809-970-3268

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